Trademarks are more than just a name or an image. They are the split-second identifier that conveys everything your brand stands for. For your customers, catching a glimpse of your trademark instills confidence that the product lives up to common standards across the brand.

For your company, a trademark is one of the most effective and valuable marketing and awareness tools available. It is not just the name “Coca-Cola” or “Nike,” it is the whole package – the names, words, phrases and other symbols – that says “trust” to your customer.

The power of the trademark is why Workman Nydegger focuses on building strong trademarks from the start and employing the right defense strategies to ensure you are protected.

Trademarks and Brand Identification

Electronic and global commerce has made strong brand identification more important than ever, and trademarks are a key component in establishing a brand’s identification. Workman Nydegger provides a full range of trademark services, including:

  • Selection and Screening of Potential Marks
  • Registration
  • Litigation/Enforcement
  • Counseling/Risk Avoidance
  • Maintenance
  • Licensing

Several of Workman Nydegger’s trademark specialists actively serve and hold leadership positions on trademark committees of the American Intellectual Property Law Association and the Intellectual Property Owners Association. This provides regular interaction with officials from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and allows us to monitor current trademark case law and legislation and provide input to help formulate U.S. and foreign trademark policy in response to new developments in technology and global commerce.

Trademark Selection and Screening

Caution: select your trademark carefully. The most eye-catching design is not always the right answer. Workman Nydegger works with clients to help them understand the advantages and disadvantages of a trademark to ensure the client selects a strong, enforceable mark.  This also helps avoid costly trademark disputes with others down the line.

Trademark searching and screening is itself considered an art, but it is not without risks. We offer a variety of search options for clients to match scope and budget. In the early stages of the selection and screening process, Workman Nydegger provides expedited turnaround of targeted searches directed to a number of potential trademarks to help eliminate proposed marks where problems are identified. As the list of potential trademarks is narrowed, Workman Nydegger helps its client choose the strongest trademark for its specific market space and business model.

Trademark Application Preparation, Filing and Prosecution

Trademark applications and filing may seem simple. But routine errors can turn into costly mistakes, including a loss of significant rights.

Workman Nydegger approaches trademark prosecution and registration through strategic decision making that continues through the entire process and has a significant impact on the scope of protection ultimately obtained. Our goal is to protect your brand, within your budget, so that you can dominate your market — U.S. or worldwide.