You worked hard to get your patent. Let us help you protect it.

Patent litigation can be expensive.  We manage that cost by meeting with our clients early and often, asking the client what its objectives are, and developing a strategy that is tuned to those options.  Then we map out the available options and talk about their cost.  We combine this proactive approach with work product and a work ethic that are second-to-none and hourly rates that are a fraction of large national firms.

Workman Nydegger litigators are on the front line of patent-related legislation.  Our lawyers have played a critical role in state legislation protecting the ability of patent owners to enforce their rights, and are active in federal patent-related litigation.

Workman Nydegger’s litigation team has experience in a wide variety of technologies and fields, including:

  • Medical devices such as vascular stents, grafts, suction collection systems and valves
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Satellite transmission
  • Polymer science
  • Thin film optics
  • Network hardware and software
  • Radar
  • High speed data transmission
  • Electromechanical and electro-optical telecommunication connectors
  • Data backup and storage
  • Blow-molded plastics and extrusion technologies
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Agglomerations technologies
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Nutraceutical compositions
  • Nano-catalysts
  • Consumer goods
  • The restaurant industry